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Press Releases, News, and Updates

JA TERROR // Press Releases, News, and Updates
Press Releases, News, and Updates2021-10-12T12:22:39+02:00

Coordinator for JA TERROR participated in DG HOME’s CBRN Advisory Group

25. March, 2023|

The main purpose for our involvement in the meeting was to present Joint Action TERROR, and to provide a status update to the CBRN AG. Additionally, it was important to urge for more national engagement with the Joint Action, and to highlight the importance of working with all relevant sectors to achieve the cross sectoral objectives in the Joint Action.

Workshop on Novel Threats

14. March, 2023|

Work Package 8 (WP8) organised and participated in an expert workshop on 8-10 March in Norway. The workshop was attended by members of WP8 and invited experts from a range of organisations including EMCDDA; ECDC; JRC; CBB; DSTL and FFI as well as leading academics.

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