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JA TERROR’s main objectives are to address gaps in health preparedness and to strengthen cross-sectoral work with security, civil protection and health sectors response to biological and chemical terror attacks.

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Latest news

Steering Committee and Workshops in November

10. October, 2023|

Next live meetings will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 16th and 17th of November 2023. A physical Steering Committee meeting will take place on the morning of 16th. We will continue after lunch and into the 17th with Workshops on Sustainability and Dissemination.

Joint Action TERROR at the annual ECDC National Focal Points meeting

15. September, 2023|

Coordinator for Joint Action TERROR was invited to the annual ECDC National Focal Points meeting 12. - 13. September in Stockholm. During the meeting coordinator presented Joint Action TERROR to the meeting participants. During the poster session coordinator was able to present the Joint Action and listen to meeting participants on their views on cross-sectoral cooperation and health preparedness.

Simulation Exercise on cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration

21. June, 2023|

Work Package 6 (WP6) has organised a Table-top Simulation Exercise (SIMEX). Participants worked through a fictional scenario to test countries cross-sectoral aspects regarding strategic preparedness and response capacities such as collaboration and coordination between Public Health, Law enforcement–Security and Civil Protection as well as risk communication, in case of a chemical terror attack.

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