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JA TERROR’s main objectives are to address gaps in health preparedness and to strengthen cross-sectoral work with security, civil protection and health sectors response to biological and chemical terror attacks.

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Latest news

National cross-sectoral workshop in Belgium

6. December, 2022|

On Friday 18th of November 2022, Sciensano, the Belgian competent authority and its affiliated entities, the Health Ministry and the National Crisis Center, organized a national cross-sectoral JA TERROR workshop in the National Crisis Center.

JA Terror Survey : Mapping of current national preparedness & response framework to biological and chemical terror attacks

10. August, 2022|

Work Packages WP6 - Cross sectoral collaboration: Security, Civil protection & Health and WP5 - Health Preparedness & Response planning to biological and chemical terrorist attacks have prepared a comprehensive survey to map the current national preparedness and response framework to biological and chemical terror attacks and focus on cross-sectoral collaboration.

Sustainability in JA TERROR

10. July, 2022|

One of the sessions at the Partnership Forum in Ljubljana was on Sustainability. WP4 Lead and Co-leads presented the sustainability process in the Joint Action and stressed the overall importance of sustainability in JA TERROR.

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