Three-day workshop on evaluation on management guidelines concludes


14. 3. 2024


Joint Action TERROR partners met from 12 till 14 March 2024 for a workshop on evaluation of management guidelines. The workshop was hosted by the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Lazzarro Spallanzani in Rome.

Partner countries have nominated experts on biological and chemical agents and are discussing development of the tasks of work package on Health Health Preparedness & Response planning to biological and chemical terrorist attacks.

Participants in the workshop evaluated clinical management guidelines for selected biological (Yersinia pestis and orthopoxviruses) and chemical agents (chlorine and nerve agents), to be used in the event of a terror attack.

An update of both clinical and non-pharmaceutical management guidelines could prove to be key in controlling an intentional event. Timely recognition of the involved agent followed by an appropriate implementation of control measures and appropriate pharmacological treatment could reduce the risk of further spread.

This workshop represents an important step in the development process of the selected guidelines. Three days of insights into the guidelines with experts from different component of the management of these agents to identify gaps in the guidelines, which will be addressed following feedback received in the workshop.