Thinking about Joint Action TERROR sustainability


20. 11. 2023


Partners of the Joint Action TERROR Consortium gathered in Brussels on 16th and 17th November 2023 to participate in a Workshop on Sustainability and Dissemination.

Live meetings took place in Brussels, Belgium on 16th and 17th of November 2023. Sessions started with a Steering Committee meeting on the morning of 16th, where significant progress was made with preparing reports and an amendment for extension with joint efforts from the participants.

Project Partners continued with a workshop on Sustainability and Dissemination, lead by Work Package 4 (Sustainability and integration in national policies) and supported by Work Package 3 (Evaluation) and Work Package 2 (Dissemination).

The example of developing sustainability plans for Joint Action SHARP was presented to help participants with showing concrete steps, taken by a similar Joint Action. The following group work demanded of participants to develop ideas about sustainability of their work in the time-frame of the project and beyond within their Work Package.

Discussion held on the 17th showed that Project Partners have to align their perceptions of sustainability. Closing session was dedicated to finding dissemination tools that would support the projects objectives.