National Stakeholder Meetings taking place all over Europe


13. 12. 2023


In order to engage with external stakeholders all the counties involved with JA TERROR are organizing National Stakeholder Meetings. The aim of the meetings is to provide insight of the project progress, as well as to foster better collaboration between stakeholders coming from Health, Security and Civil Protection fields on the national level. So far, 9 national meetings have been held by Project Partners.

The countries that have held the meetings through 2022 and 2023 were: Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Experience from the meeting showed that there are different organizational schemes in the countries when it comes to CBRN issues, as well as different participation of different stakeholders.

At the meetings, participants addressed gaps in the preparedness and response to biological and chemical terror attacks. The common themes addressed across all the countries was the need for better cooperation among different sectors and consequently also better coordination, and in some cases the need for formalization of the processes.